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Wedding Albums

 The new way to store the photos on your PC is by stacking them up in folders. But how often does one opens these folders anyway? Life nowadays is faster than it ever was before. Do we really have the time to open our  PCs and browse for the photos we saved in various folders?

 The wedding day is one of the most important days of our life and therefore, wedding pictures are equally important. People are obsessed with their wedding day and this is very much justified.

 Wedding photos help in reliving the best day of life and you don’t want to spend time looking for it on your computer. 

This is why getting a wedding album is the best decision you can make. Wedding album unlike anything else is able to show all of the love and effort that you put into your big day. 


I try to create photo albums that resemble a story. I arrange the photos in a way that makes the bride and the groom feel like they are going through a fairytale of their own. I carefully select wedding photos in a way that sums up the whole wedding day. I believe that my albums help to relive the whole wedding day without missing any important moments and highlights of your special day.

I carefully select the most precious moments of your big day from the getting ready part all away until the cake cutting. 

To make the album I start the process of selecting the pictures.

The standard album is usually made of 20 spreads or 40 pages and contains up to 100 images. 

There are two options for selecting the pictures that I provide.
Numero Uno, I  pick up the pictures for your album myself. I pick the pictures based on my creativity and experience and the couple adds the family portraits.

Option number two is when the couple makes their own selection of the pictures and ill use them to design the album.
Wedding albums come in 8x8, 10x10 and 12x12 sizes


         Complete Album Set includes

  •     Photo Album with handcrafted hardcover

  •     matching Album Box with lift ribbon

  •     USB 3.0 stick coated in matching textile

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